Code of Conduct

Advanced Devices is committed to operating in the best interest of our Customers, Suppliers, Partners, Employees, and Communities, as well as in the long-term interests of our company. To demonstrate our commitment to good business practices, Advanced Devices has voluntarily adopted the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC).

The Electronic Industry Code of Conduct related policies and procedures address:

Labor Standards – Treating employees with dignity and respect.

Health and Safety Standards – Providing a safe work environment.

Environmental Standards – Maintaining an Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO14001.

Ethical Standards – Commitment to follow fair business practices, respect intellectual property, and promote business integrity.

Quality Standards – Commitment to provide quality products and services that consistently meet or exceed the requirements of our customers.

Supplier Management Practices – Encourage our Supply Chain to adopt Electronic Industry Code of Conduct principles and policies.

This Code of Conduct was last updated on February 14, 2014.